Friday, February 20, 2009

Gotta dig the fregans

Woke up early a few days ago to go skipping at New Covent Market: Where beggars can be choosers. New Covent Market is a facility where all the local produce is prepped to be shipped to restaurants around London, I think they also have a market on premises as well. They throw away a lot of food each morning and leave it on skids to be hauled away later. The place is a fregan utopia; It's near impossible to go skipping without running into at least twenty other people out there at the same time, stuffing fresh veg into rucksacks and panniers. Each time we ride out to New Covent Market we come back with what would be hundreds of pounds worth of fresh fruit and vegetables, all thrown away, all free, and all very heavy to carry on a bike.

Later in the afternoon two of the squat mates and I went to get free Indian food, courtesy of a the hare krishna folks who set up a cart full of food and invite anyone who might be interested to come partake. We played some hacky-sack in the sun and then took a visit to a fantastic zoological museum nearby.

I spent almost all of yesterday riding my bike around London in a t-shirt. It was by far the warmest day we have had so far, sunny and absolutely gorgeous. The squat wanted to end the day in the most light-hearted way possible; we made a large pot of soup and gathered in the living room. We used the projector to watch an old beefcake film from the seventies while we ate, laughed, and talked about the day's events. Obviously, it did not take long before we were projecting gay porn from the second story window onto the outside brick wall of the flat next door. We surely turned quite a few heads from passers by; luckily no accidents were caused by rubbernecking.

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