Monday, February 9, 2009

Here's to good times

Margaret and I had a truly fantastic time on Saturday. We ended up seeing a musical in the evening called la cage aux folles, which you can find out more about here: . The show was positively the best musical that I have ever seen, and one that had kept us each laughing through the entire performance.

Later in the evening I went to a drum & bass show in SW London. The pub is super underground and anything but official; they have a secret entrance in the back after you hop a chain-link fence. The scene inside was quite intense, lots of people crammed in to a low roofed space, dancing with sweat flinging in all directions.It was one of those places that had it caught fire there would be a news article about it the next day reporting how many people had died. Joints were being passed around the space, and there was a makeshift bar to order any beer of choice. Sadly, the music was more reggae than drum and bass; I was hoping for something that differed from what I could find in Boone. Nevertheless, I had a fantastic time, met some good people, danced a lot, and hopped the 4 am bus home when I had had my fill.

Last night I had a Guinness at the local pub. It was rainy outside and the drink was a good excuse to warm up a bit. The barkeep's name is Jon, this is the second night I have stopped in and met him. He seems like a nice guy and makes good conversation, so I am sure to go back.

On the walk home I found a members only snooker club and stopped in. Apparently membership is free. Judging by the size of the tables I may have found a challenging new addiction to feed. I'm now in north London, posting this blog from the Apple store, and about to search for the closest bookstore that wold have a section on snooker.

So that's it for now. I miss you all and hope all is well. I will be in touch soon, Cheers!


  1. Holy crap, man. You're living the life! I'm pretty envious. Get some pictures up here!
    And keep up with the updates. I need to live vicariously through you for the next few months.

    BTW, you going to find your way over to Ireland to see me some time?

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  3. What a great opportunity to experience the world! Savor it. You're much braver than I. I'm much more of a hotel reservation kinda girl :)
    Look forward to reading more. Stay safe.

  4. Very excited for you, Evan! I have some good contacts in the UK that I think you would enjoy staying with if you would like. Scotland, northern England, and Wales. Get in touch with me if you want any info.

  5. What the heck is snooker????

    Also, I second the motion for photos!!!


  6. Awww, man. My roommate left his account up on my computer. That was (and this is) Cassandra!

  7. It sounds wonderful, Evan. I don't know if I could pull it off. Sarah would literally have to drag me away to get me out there. Not that I wouldn't love it, I'd just be so scared of not being productive for x amount of time, like I'd be losing time while I was gone. silly I know. I love you and I miss you.


    PS: Seriously, what the heck is a snooker?

  8. NO way would I ever do what you are doing, but this adventure was meant for you obviously.

    At first I thought a snooker bar is like a strip club or something...but it's only a billiard place according to google. love and miss you.

    wander on.


  9. It's somewhat amazing that I can sit here, 4000+ miles away and yet I look up and see constellations like Orion that you have seen only 5 hours later than you did. What a helluva adventure.

    I sort of expected you to head for Ireland, you certainly mentioned your roots enough - I thought you'd want to go where your stock is.

    And yes, photos - nothing more needs to be said

  10. I agree about the coffee sucking there. In my younger days, three weeks ago, I had to pull teeth to find anything other than instant... INTSTANT! Grosser than gross! Now I have to go get a cup of good stuff to wash that memory out head.

  11. Have fun over there but be sure not to tell me anything about Coronation Street. They are about 9 months ahead of us.

  12. Oh yes, I am definately going to Ireland. just not quite yet. Late may was it, Connor?