Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Merci de la bière

Waiting for the bus after capture the flag, we used the leftover chalk (we had for designating prison areas a few hours prior) to decorate the sidewalk and scribble messages for onlookers to decipher while in queue. One of the flatmates stumbled upon a broken pair of sunglasses without lenses or arms. On the ride home, still with the whimsical spirit of street art in the air, she plucked a thin thread from a garment and tied the frames to the overhead handrail. She carefully positioned the glasses to stare into the cyclops eye of a CCTV camera mounted three inches above.

I met some kids from France last night. They bought me a drink at this pub called The Toucan (it has almost exclusively Guinness on tap). The college age boy and two girls are in London for a short vacation. The four of us began attempting to communicate the best we could; I must say their English is much better than my French has ever been. We talked for a couple hours and had a great time. I even had the opportunity to learn a bit of French before crossing the channel in a few days.

I knew better than to stay out too late and that the doors would be double locked when I came home, but I had lost track of time due to the wonderful company at the pub. (In fact, I had such a good time learning a bit of French that I was not about to let a little thing like not having a place to sleep ruin my evening) So I made the best of what could have been a lame situation and went to the snooker club. I observed other players until about 5 am when I decided to pick up a cue for the first time and feel the physics of playing on a 12 foot by 6 foot table. Not to my surprise, I found Snooker to be a very difficult game. Anyone who has mastered the sport of snooker should find 9-Ball as simple as Chutes & Ladders. I only played for an hour before the club had to close up, but my first taste of the sport has had me longing for more time at the table ever since.

Rock Steady Eddies had not opened yet; the sun was just beginning to show its face. So instead of a cup of tea I decided to catch a bus and have a warm place to sit for a while. With the soothing hum of bus tires rolling upon London streets, I was beginning to doze off. But a sharp smile was forced upon my face as I lifted my eyes to the sunrise one last time, only to find a pair of plastic glasses with the lenses missing, still suspended by a thin piece of thread from the overhead rail.


  1. It sounds like you're having a good time Evan! Hope everything's going good for you; although, it sounds like it is :)

  2. no wonder why yo always give me hard time whenever you edit my paper. your words are fantastic. it's my favorite story by far.

    (i suggest you carry around a box of for those days where you didn't sleep, been drinking and drinking coffee. Just a suggestion :) )

    love you.

  3. Thanks Chan, I'll be sure to keep that in mind... I do brush and floss everyday though!

  4. I am having a fantastic time, what are you up to these days Taelor?

  5. Hey Ev, just read your whole blog up to date. Sounds like a blast! I didn't get to spend much time in London, but everything was so expensive! Glad you're finding some deals. When you get to different parts of the UK or Europe, it'll probably be much cheaper. Try to make it up to the Bradford/Leeds area if you get a chance. I've got some contacts there and a few other places if interested! Keep on truckin'.


  6. Oh, you know.. just keeping up with school, dance and work. I'm ready to graduate, only a few more months though! I love that you're keeping this blog.. although it does make me a bit jealous :)