Monday, February 2, 2009

Aunt Margaret's Cottage

Kegan and I made it into East Grinstead without a hitch. Margaret showed us around town a bit and around the property as well. It is so beautiful here, she lives next door to a piece of National Trust property which she also volunteers at to help maintain, lots green rolling hills and far reaching views. On Saturday Margaret, Kegan, and I went to the Millenium Seed Bank and surrounding gardens: more gorgeous property and wildlife. We have made quite a bit of Indian food and more tea than I have had in years, which is fine with me as I enjoy every bit of it. On Sunday Kegan and I took a train into London and said our goodbyes, shortly thereafter ze hopped a plane to finish out the semester in Spain. I wandered around the city all day and had a wonderful time. I eventually me up with the nice folks from 56A infoshop, they offered me a place to work and even potential places to live in the London for a while. Later that evening Margaret took a train down from East Grinstead as well. She took me out to dinner and a play for my birthday.
Monday morning Margaret and I went to Tai Chi, and then hopped a train back to London, walked around the City for a while, and saw a free contemporary dance show. When we took the train home later in the afternoon it started to snow.
Today the BBC is calling it "arctic conditions," and the most snow that the country has seen in eight years. Most transportation systems have been delayed or canceled. I just laugh because it is only about 3.5 inches or so! Margaret and I walked a couple miles into town to get groceries and just finished lunch.


  1. Evan,
    Glad you and Kegan made it to your aunt's home safely. It was really nice having you stay with us before you left. Good luck and God bless. I still think you're f*#2in' nuts.....

  2. haha thanks alot. I suppose I'd have to be a little bit. We had a great time as well. Take care, dont blow up the garage.