Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just Do It

Wow, that was one hell of a night. I went out to this club and just got lost in the trance music. Everyone around me was rolling hard, but I just stuck to the occasional redbull and vodka. I met this girl who I recognised from a simmilar club in Berlin. We started talking and joking about the scene a bit. Turns out she is actually from Amsterdam and her name is Mirjam. Neither one of us had big plans for the rest of the evening so we decided to stop by a mini-chapel in the red-light district. I imagine it was similar to one you might find in Vegas, but a bit more quaint. Probably more like the mini-chapel on the way to blowing rock, but more drugs. Anyway, it was a nice place. Getting hitched was mutually beneficial; Mirjam is able to get a tax break from the government, and I can eventually apply for dual citizenship. Plus Mirjam's Dad works for Nike, she says he can totaly hook me up with a design job, or at least introduce me to cool people like this guy:


  1. evan, getting hitched. haha. nice.

  2. It took me a moment to realize this was facetious....

  3. evan,
    ever since you told me you were going to an anarchist convention in D.C many a-months ago, nothing surprises me with you anymore. nevertheless, i would've been pissed that i wasn't there to give you blessings with hazy jane snuggling between my thumb and pointer.

    my dear i need to talk to me when we can do a skype date.